Seachem Ammonia Alert is simply sensor technologyA system which is an ongoing Ammonia monitoring systemYou don't need any dips , or any strips , just your eyes.Suitable for Marine and...
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Seachem Ammonia Alert is simply sensor technology

A system which is an ongoing Ammonia monitoring system

You don't need any dips , or any strips , just your eyes.

Suitable for Marine and freshwater

Seachem Ammonia Alert® is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia. It is just so simple , even your kids can work it out . The colours change from Yellow to Green to Blue which is relative to ammonia concentration . You don't need any special tests or any difficult procedures and the Ammonia alert detects less than 0.05ml/l free ammonia . The ammonia alert gives you enough notice of dangerous ammonia in your water in order for you to be able to do something about it and ensure your fish remain fit and healthy .

If your aquarium has zero free ammonia the colour will be yellow , or a faint yellow- green colour . When the sensor is dry it will have a greenish tint to it . When buying an ammonia alrts for the first time the dry sensor may take a few days to equilibriate with the water . Once established in your aquarium ( i.e after the first few days) , the ammonia alert will detect continuous free ammonia after about 15 minutes . Response to decreasing levels of ammonia is slower and could take up to 4 hours to go from toxis to safe once you have removed the ammonia.

The Seachem Ammonia Alert lasts a year which is , we understand , 9 times as long as competing products . The ammonia alert is small and unobtrusive and so wont detract from the pleasure of looking at your aquarium.
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Seachem Ammonia Alert

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